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Ageless herbal anti-aging products

The focus of this unique herbal product range is to create a safe range of products that uses only pure natural herbs and herbal extracts.

ageless herbal products healing cream face wash day cream night cream eye gel stretch mark gel anti-cellulite gel
ageless herbal supplements male sexual functioning losing weight mushroom blend help aids hiv patients relieve constipation

Herbal skin care products ageless herbal products

  • Face wash
  • Day cream
  • Night cream
  • Eye gel
  • Mud face-mask (face pack)
  • Body lotion

Herbal first-aid for the skin

  • Healing cream

Herbal specialty skin products

  • Cellulite gel
  • Stretch mark gel

Herbal hair care

  • Herbal rosemary shampoo
  • Herbal conditioner (more a fortnightly hair treatment)

Herbal supplements ageless herbal products

The supplements we manufacture and sell are all registered with the South African Government’s Medical Control Council.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar liquid
  • Herbal Digest Capsules
  • Herbal Detox Capsules
  • Herbal Urinary Health Capsules
  • Herbal Mushroom Blend Capsules
  • Olive Leaf Extract (500 mg) Capsules
  • Vuka Nkuzi sexual Capsules


The herbs and herbal extracts used in our products are sourced from across the globe to ensure that we use only the very best and purest ingredients.

The herbal extracts in the cosmetic products are supplied by Provital, the Spanish herbal specialists suppliers.

Buying from us

Marketing of the Ageless herbal range is done from the website and controlled from our Cape Town offices.

International orders – USA and the world ageless herbal products

Prices are quoted in US Dollar – which includes postage to all countries in the world – except South Africa.

If your local currency is anything else but US Dollars - for instance €, ¥, £ or Hong Kong Dollar, Norwegian, Krone, Kuwaiti Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Omani Rial, South Korean Won etc. - our on-line currency converter can help to see the approximate price in your own currency. Go to the currency converter...

Go to Ageless's US Dollar pricelist...


All parcels are sent with 1st class mail, using the British Royal Mail from London, UK. We send to ALL countries - even remote countries like Vanuatu - unless they are listed below as "problem countries".

We have NO sanctions against ANY country - and will dispatch to any country, with due reference to the below list, or if not allowed by any legislation at the receiving country.

Delivery in the UK normally takes about 6 days - as our mail bag is prepared daily and then flown by courier to Heathrow (London) and then injected into the Royal Mail system.

European orders normally take 12 days while American orders take about 18 days. Orders to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc 22 days.

Middle Eastern (UAE etc) orders normally take about 17 days to be delivered.

PLEASE NOTE - delivery times may vary and we rely on the receiving country's postal service to do the delivery.


Full customs documentation accompanies all orders, and if any taxes or duties are payable it will be for your account. Most countries however do not charge duties, but it will depend on your country.


Due to the extremely high cost of courier to other countries from our offices in South Africawe do not offer courier services – but if you need an item urgently, you can arrange that your own courier (at your cost) can pick-up a parcel from our Goodwood office in Cape Town.

Problems with delivery to these countries

Mail theft

Due to mail theft we do not process and send orders to the Russian Federation and most Eastern European block countries, South American countries, Gaza, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines and all countries in Africa (except South Africa).


Our shopping cart – one of the most secure shopping carts in the world (Americart) - may also reject taking an order originating from the list of countries below – due to the high incidence of fraud.

They include Romania, Indonesia, Singapore, Ghana, Ukraine, Uganda, Nigeria, Hungary, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Russia, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

Other option

If the US Dollar shopping cart refuse to take your order from one of these countries, you can however notify our office by fax (+27 86 542 0381) and send a fax order.

South African orders

For our South African clients we quote the price in ZA Rand (as required under South African Law) and delivery to main cities like Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town etc. by overnight courier.

Deliveries to smaller towns, outlying areas, farms, townships etc. are sent with the Post Office’s Speed Services “counter-to-counter” service – which takes about 48 hours – and you can then pick up your parcel from the post office of your choice, with the tracking number we supply to you.

What the Ageless website offers

The Ageless herbal anti-aging website also includes a free herbal encyclopedia which can be accessed freely by all web visitors and deals with all herbs, including herbs not used by the company.


A selection of free articles are offered and range from free facial exercises.


A list of free publications can also be requested in e-mail format, including which herbs to use for an ailment, or how to fight puffy eyes etc. and you can also subscribe to our monthly Ageless newsletter – which has been going since 1999.


The newsletters cover a wide selection on varied of subjects – which are written by our South African director – Duane Milne. View previous Ageless newsletters...

Ageless herbal products

The links below will re-direct you to the Ageless herbal anti-aging site:

Skin care products

First-aid for the skin

Hair care products

Specialty products


Moisturizing oils and essential oils

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