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If you are bound by your religion not to consume pork, or any animal by-products, then you have to be careful when selecting any vitamin capsules, as they may contain ingredients that you do not wish to consume.

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Judaism and Islam

Most prescription drugs and the majority of vitamin and supplement capsules are not for use by people following the strict teachings of Judaism (Kosher) or Muslimism (Halaal) – as they do contain gelatin.

Bovine or porcine by-products (beef or pork) jewish islamic muslim hindi religion diet restrictions pork beef porcine bovine

We have had various discussions over the years with Imam’s and Rabbis – and most of them feel that even though the capsules are from animal origin – in many cases bovine – it is denatured to such a point as to not pose any problems for either Jewish, Muslim or Hindi followers that observe strict dietary rules.


There are however strict followers of the religions and beliefs that do not agree that the denatured status of either porcine or bovine by-products should be consumed. When the biochemistry to change the molecular structure and characteristics of a molecule by chemical or physical means are used, it is classified as denatured - but it does not change the source of the product.

The very strict followers of the Jewish or Muslim religion, as well as vegetarians and Hindi believers, should however be well advised NOT to take normal capsules – as it might be in breach of their religion and beliefs.

Vegetarian option for capsule casings jewish islamic muslim hindi religion diet restrictions pork beef porcine bovine

These people must rather look for both prescription drugs and supplements which use “"Vegicaps ® – either soft gel or hard capsules.

They are manufactured by Catalent® and Vegicaps is a registered trademark. Catalent supplies the industry with these vegetable based capsules, which are guaranteed not to contain any animal products.

You may have to pay a little bit more for these vegetarian capsule casings, as they are specialized and more expensive than the normal hard gelatin capsule casings normally used in prescription drugs and supplement manufacture.

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