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Products that have the Caucheteux Quality Approved seal

When you see the sign “Caucheteux Quality Approved” you know that the trustees of the Meijer Caucheteux Trust have reviewed products, and feel comfortable to place their seal of approval on it.

caucheteux quality approved product seal

Unanimous vote needed

Although Duane Milne, the South African director of Sallamander Concepts is a trustee of the trust, he alone cannot approve a product to carry the “Caucheteux Quality Approved” sign, and a unanimous vote of all the trustees are required before it can be done.

Although Duane may be the inspiration of a lot of the products marketed by Sallamander Concepts, it is not a done fact that the Trustees will approve of the products when developed.

How are the products developed?

Therefore most products are conceptualized by Duane, and after he and his team compiled all scientific data, and the specialist laboratories develop compounds to be used, or if compounds are bought from an independent development laboratory, the developed product is manufactured in a test batch, and tested on human volunteers.

Review of the products

Only when complete clinical data is reviewed by the Trustees and all relevant details, including the anonymous subjective and personal comments of the human test subjects are analyzed by the full board of Trustees, will the board decide to grant or not the seal of approval.

Then what happens?

If the seal is granted, Sallamander Concepts will start manufacturing and marketing the product. Should the product not pass the test, the developed product will be discarded, or sold as a complete formulation to another firm to sell under their own brand – but without the “Caucheteux Quality Approved” seal of approval.

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