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A website with the URL was created in June 2015 and was claiming to be my company: Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd! They even displayed copies of all my company documents on the site!

I distance myself from any firm known as Sallamander Trading and also place on record that they are or were operating under my company name (Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd) Company Registration: 2001/001891/07 without my consent.

As the sole legal representative and director of the company Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd I state the following: - I have NOT given permission for the creation of any websites using my company name besides the website and the websites displayed on the home page of I have NOT given permission for the owners of any other website to use my company documents, VAT registration documents or Customs registration documents. - I have NOT given permission for any company to claim to be domiciled at my address other than my own. - Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd does not sell carrier oils, nuts and fruits in large volumes - Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd does not offer payment terms requiring a pre-payment of a certain amount before goods are delivered - A complaint regarding a website known as was registered with the ISPA in South Africa: Take-Down Notice: #879 Lodged via the ISPA website and the complaint was resolved with the take down of the website. - Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd has not applied for and does NOT have Halal certification. - Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd does NOT have a BEE certificate - A case regarding a fraudulent Halal certificate in the name of Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd was registered at the Johannesburg Central Police Station (John Foster police station) Ref Number - CAS 545/6/2015. Station contact details (Tel) +27(0)11 497 7000.

I am the only legal representative for the South African company Sallamander Concepts (Pty) Ltd in South Africa (the company has NO other representative and I do not intend to appoint ANY other representatives) and the only contact numbers and valid email addresses for my company are displayed on the website and my websites displayed and linked on the home page of

Signed: Mr Duane Milne
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Olinat pure organic natural moisturizing facial cream

This wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing cream will supply your skin with much needed moisture and nutrition to help in the fight against aging.

olinat pure 100% natural facial cream organic face cream pure no harsh chemicals do not irritate no allergy no allergic reaction non sensitizing soft skin moisturzing face cream natural olinat on this page

Hyper sensitive skin and skin allergies

Olinat was specifically formulated for people who only wish to use a 100% pure natural product, or people that are plagued by an allergic and hyper sensitive skin.


All cosmetic and skin care manufacturers can claim that their creams and products are hypo-allergenic – and it sounds wonderful in advertising copy or advertising jingles.

The truth however is totally different.

There is NO cosmetic or skin care cream that can be certified as “hypo-allergenic” as such – as it is NOT a legal term, and has become rather worthless.

A cream specially formulated not to contain any known allergens or sensitizing ingredients - like Olinat – should then rather be promoted as “contains no known allergen or sensitizing ingredients” as the marketing world has discredited and prostituted the term “hypo-allergenic” – so easily bandied about by even large multinational firms. To read more...

Ingredients that irritate Olinat_pure_organic_natural_moisturizing_facial_cream

Various cosmetic ingredients, although not toxic or dangerous, can cause certain people to break out in a rash and cause severe skin irritation, redness, itchiness and general discomfort.

For those unfortunate people having such an overly reactive skin, Olinat will provide a pure natural alternative as a facial cream.

The formulation took some years, as we strived to keep everything as pure and natural as humanly possible, and for this reason, even the preservation system is eco-certified.

Eco-certified preservative

Some creams claim to be "preservative free" - and although it is a great sentiment and selling point for a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers exploiting gullible consumers - the real truth is that ANY facial cream needs some sort of preservative system.

If you have a cream that is totally preservative free - you will be looking at a very dangerous product indeed, as there will be no way in which pathogen (micro-organism) growth in the cream can be kept at bay. You will then have a cream in which microorganisms will have a free hand and will definitely create a breeding ground for some very nasty bacterial and fungi infections to grow.

Our preservative system used is Eco-Certified and is an expensive preservative system - but it complies with all Eco-Certification requirements, and no allergic reactions have been noted.

It must be kept in mind that statistically speaking, it is possible for anybody to be allergic to ANYTHING - yet - the incidence of any trend of allergic reaction to this specific ingredient has not been noted.

Religious and personal beliefs

The Olinat cream contains no animal product, or any animal by-products, and can therefore be used by anybody from whichever religious belief. It is not certified Halaal or Kosher, but since it does not contain anything from animal, reptile, fish etc. – it is a moot point.

All the ingredients are natural and from vegetable source.

Our aim with Olinat Olinat_pure_organic_natural_moisturizing_facial_cream

It contains no harsh chemicals and complies with the following requirements, which we ascertained is important for our select clientele:

Apart from the wonderful moisturizing and toning qualities of the cream, it has further been formulated in such a way as to allow you to add your own selection of essential oils or extracts to the cream, thereby giving you the freedom to create your own unique and customized facial cream.

Most standard creams will not be able to take the addition of essential oils, yet the Olinat natural moisturizing cream was formulated to be able to “hold and contain” the essential oil.

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